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Definition of nuisance:

  1. That which annoys or gives trouble and vexation; that which is offensive or noxious.


offense, shame, crime, evil, trial, horror, difficulty, plague, rub, bogeyman, abomination, irritant, hate crime, inconvenience, felony, affront, pain in the neck, headache, tease, trials and tribulations, misdemeanor, crime wave, teaser, hatred, bugbear, thorn, besetment, handful, hair shirt, infliction, detestation, bad news, burden, bore, pain in the ass, issue, gnawer, capital offence, troublemaker, vexation, abuse, disgust, breach, torment, wickedness, mischief-maker, feelings, disturbance, pain sensation, persecutor, bum, pest, curse, bother, irk, infraction, an accident waiting to happen, hassle, frustration, aversion, abhorrence, painfulness, exasperation, irritation, frump, peeve, pain, computer crime, botheration, prune, problem, hardship, insect, inside job, gadfly, nudnik, ruffle, capital crime, annoyer, painful sensation, annoyance, aggravation, hurting, louse, ringleader, trouble, execration, villainy, delinquency, cybercrime, baggage, iniquity, aggro.

Usage examples: