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Definition of number one:

Synonyms for number one:

first-class honours degree, tip-top, first base, me, marvelous, outset, radical, dynamite, prime, flip side, offset, first, cardinal, classic, high-class, himself, unsurpassed, image, main, cold, kickoff, blue-ribbon, boffo, supreme, beehive, eminence, primal, bunny, prior, par excellence, first-string, precede, self-critical, hype, first gear, keen, gone, superior, splendid, authority figure, sterling, great, buzz cut, down, wizard, predominant, boss, close, front-runner, gangbusters, fabulous, myself, greatest, ego, banner, mover and shaker, hot, primo, topping, five-star, prizewinning, lovely, brave, stellar, arch, crackerjack, commencement, chief, gilt-edged, numero uno, fine, principal, mean, paramount, mogul, bang, dominant, birdie, wonderful, nifty, long-playing record, slick, awesome, liner notes, 45, starting time, leading light, boo-boo, blue-chip, four-star, famous, self-deception, brag, superb, Afro, number 1, low gear, frontline, concept album, yourself, corking, self-styled, cool, bumper, bangs, choo-choo, A-OK, self-proclaimed, choice, beautiful, key, superlative, dope, leading, terrific, heavenly, basic, self-image, top-flight, phat, elementary, discography, do someone/yourself an injustice, album, fantabulous, out-of-sight, prime mover, divine, righteous, top-shelf, bootleg, peachy keen, chignon, showtime, big, self-described, bobbed, bully, dandy, bonny, A1, overbearing, bang-up, premier, VIP, overmastering, master, figure, cassette, top-notch, disk, grand, herself, bow-wow, fantastic, noble, peachy, top, central, get-go, low, first-rate, bun, overriding, supernal, swell, primary, top-of-the-line, immense, groovy, leader, a force to be reckoned with, capital, highest, preeminent, jim-dandy, quality, beginning, cross, bob, prize, braid, cracking, sensational, start, neat, first-class, magnate, fab, sovereign.