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Definition of nurture:

  1. That which nourishes; food; diet.
  2. The act of nourishing or nursing; thender care; education; training.
  3. To educate; to bring or train up.
  4. To feed; to nourish.


have, produce, upgrade, boot, rearing, enhance, enkindle, erect, farm, comfort, advert, education, bring up, grow, keep, nutrify, affirm, food, upraise, ingestion, cheer, fire, invoke, arouse, call forth, bread, kindle, stir, esculent, care, elevation, keep up, subsistence, resurrect, reboot, put forward, victual, support, leaven, lift, aliment, parent, hold dear, elicit, breeding, raising, pabulum, fostering, call down, training, suffer, confirm, treasure, nourishment, facts of life, cling to, meat, conjure, sustenance, get, elevate, hold, nourish, entertain, prove, food, substantiate, bringing up, kick upstairs, genteelness, heighten, grub, reproduction, provision, provoke, nutrition, protect, provender, further, foodstuff, rear, sustenance, eats, recruit, promote, mention, encourage, put up, value, harbor, levy, refer, chow, pabulum, nutriment, advance, nutriment, cite, evoke, comestible, sustain, shelter, rise, hold up, upbringing, maintain, raise, fosterage, conjure up, gentility, rise up, name, foster, prolong, set up, diet, fare, cherish, get up, corroborate, pap, procreation, edible.

Usage examples: