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Definition of nuts:

Synonyms for nuts:

scatty, batty, wacky, hell, what's that supposed to mean?, around the bend, wud, impatient, solicitous, psycho, brother, ardent, raring, fervent, thirsty, touched, chapped, sane, wacko, dotty, hot, daffy, mad, cracked, loony tunes, concern, great, geeked, awry, lunatic, enthused, alligatored, hungry, whacky, bonkers, for heaven's sake/sakes, moonstruck, deranged, voracious, crackpot, desirous, unsound, off, what's the big idea?, hepped up, distraught, barmy, meshuga, agog, unusual, for crying out loud, wrong, pumped, cockamamie, childish, athirst, balmy, antsy, hopped-up, insane, rabid, enthusiastic, cranky, juiced, crazed, daft, soft, buggy, disordered, for pity's sake, avid, unbalanced, kooky, laughable, crackbrained, demented, certifiable, ridiculous, round the bend, not in your right mind/not right in the head, keen, give me a break, ludicrous, yeasty, over-the-top, cockamamy, give me strength, maniac, unhinged, gung ho, excited, haywire, warm, bughouse, crazy, non compos mentis, anxious, wild, stoked, mental, roughened, amiss, maniacal, brainsick, loony, nutlike, zealous, bats, kookie, greedy, psychotic, crackers, bedlam, screwy, cuckoo, silly, gaga, zany, loco, fruity, mild, sappy, zestful, mentally ill, goofy, zesty, darn, loopy, bananas, nutty.

Usage examples: