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Definition of obligate:

  1. To bind or firmly hold to an act; to compel; to constrain; to bind to any act of duty or courtesy by a formal pledge.
  2. To bring or place under obligation, moral or legal; to hold by a constraining motive.


go for, impel, tie, book, hold back, control, bandage, defend, drive, retain, obligation, moderate, throw, compel, deem, defy, commit, restrict, guard, admit, pledge, bear, have got, keep back, take for, hold in, constipate, blackjack, take, apply, hold up, press, commit, confine, have, constrained, charge, coerce, obtain, muscle, pressure, view as, bond, force, keep, halt, tie up, force, truss, hold, take hold, support, accommodate, sandbag, agree, carry, stick, obligated, hold fast, withstand, reserve, maintain, stick to, adhere, give, restrain, bind, compelled, entertain, prevail, make, arrest, sustain, check, harbour, impress, attack, tie down, nurse, curb, adjudge, oblige, declare, contain, bound, concord, concur, dragoon, attach, harbor.

Usage examples: