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Definition of oblivion:

  1. Official ignoring of offenses; amnesty, or general pardon; as, an act of oblivion.
  2. The act of forgetting, or the state of being forgotten; cessation of remembrance; forgetfulness.


obliviousness, indifference, amnesty, escape, inattentive, in a dream, remission, preoccupied, nihility, in a world of your own, nonexistence, block, absolution, senior moment, nirvana, void, limbo, being, memory, mercy, forgetful, forbearance, pardon, acquittal, fullness, absent-minded, forgiveness, remembrance, slip through the net/cracks, spaced out, get/become lost (in something), distant, obscurity, existence, something goes in one ear and out the other, carelessness, emptiness, abstracted, neglectful, mental block, absent, vacantly, nothing.

Usage examples: