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Definition of observant:

  1. A sycophantic servant.
  2. An Observantine.
  3. One who observes forms and rules.
  4. Submissively attentive; obediently watchful; regardful; mindful; obedient ( to); - with of, as, to be observant of rules.
  5. Taking notice; viewing or noticing attentively; watchful; attentive; as, an observant spectator; observant habits.


clear-sighted, attentive, searching, holy, unobservant, perceptive, watching, intelligent, tenty, Argus-eyed, deep, puritanical, keen, awake, eager, attention span, penetrating, questioning, wakeful, focused, observing, thoughtless, godly, ascetic, alive, pious, orthodox, fixated, religious, listening, awareness, bright, under someone's critical eye, inattentive, attention, wide-awake, spiritual, law-abiding, open-eyed, careless, understanding, regard, enthralled, devout, noticing, discerning, marking, lawful, heedless.

Usage examples: