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Definition of occlude:

  1. To shut up; to close.
  2. To take in and retain; to absorb; - said especially with respect to gases; as iron, platinum, and palladium occlude large volumes of hydrogen.


draw a blank, curb, immobilize, stop, hinder, blank out, crush, freeze, clam up, close up, stymie, block off, chock up, choke up, prevent, lug, pile, close, forget, halt, jampack, jam, button up, parry, ram, dummy up, wad, shut up, throng, cram, bar, block up, stuff, kibosh, block, shut down, stymy, fold, impede, close down, blockade, be quiet, embarrass, immobilise, keep mum, pack, mob, obturate, belt up, deflect, obstruct, barricade.