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Definition of oddity:

  1. That which is odd; as, a collection of oddities.
  2. The quality or state of being odd; singularity; queerness; peculiarity; as, oddity of dress, manners, and the like.


nut, crank, tenuity, card, lunatic, distinctive feature, crack, hook, tic, madman, flake, madwoman, codger, specialness, oddness, diversity, end, infrequency, specialty, quirkiness, a world of difference, characteristic, usual, quip, screwball, crackpot, curio, maniac, curiosity, trick, speciality, headcase, variation, fruitcake, peculiarity, quiz, erraticism, homosexuality, oddment, quirk, distinction, contrast, distinctiveness, quiddity, exotic, collision, distinguishing characteristic, space cadet, homosexualism, zany, weirdo, nutcase, remainder, crotchet, contradiction, character, remnant, gayness, variety, rarity, homoeroticism, twist, original, head case, mannerism, nutter, rareness, crackbrain, quarter note, queerness, nutjob, kink, objet d'art, individualism, low density, kook.

Usage examples: