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Definition of offbeat:

Synonyms for offbeat:

outré, unconventional, eccentric, remarkable, screwy, exotic, frizzy, queer, unusual, wellbeing, out-of-the-way, well-being, odd, frizzly, kooky, weirdo, strange, unordinary, eudaimonia, weird, peculiar, outlandish, surprising, usual, spaced-out, extraordinary, funky, funny, wacky, nappy, idiosyncratic, queerish, eudaemonia, crazy, out of the ordinary, crisp, bizarro, unaccustomed, kinky, curious, wild, way-out, notable, rare, atypic, quaint, singular, cranky, unique, uncustomary, far-out, welfare, upbeat, off-the-wall, erratic, special, bizarre, unwonted, novel, quirky, atypical, uncommon, off-kilter, rum, unusual, perverted.

Usage examples: