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Definition of offend:

  1. To be offensive to; to harm; to pain; to annoy; as, strong light offends the eye; to offend the conscience.
  2. To displease; to make angry; to affront.
  3. To oppose or obstruct in duty; to cause to stumble; to cause to sin or to fall.
  4. To strike against; to attack; to assail.
  5. To transgress; to violate; to sin against.


expose, gap, weaken, overstep, develop, ball over, divulge, unwrap, go bad, cave in, go, wear, bring out, ruin, vex, ravish, die, demote, come apart, nettle, conk out, cut, give away, break away, break up, injure, bankrupt, break down, dampen, violate, pain, split, intermit, burst, better, rape, dishonour, give out, affront, discontinue, trespass, relegate, fall in, insult, recrudesce, break-dance, founder, crack, get out, bump, huff, right, attack, breach, floor, take aback, sicken, smart, miff, desecrate, dismay, assault, break in, revolt, disclose, appal, plunder, blow out of the water, bruise, err, give offense, pique, part, reveal, wound, tease, scandalise, suffer, contuse, outrage, anguish, split up, break, hurt, like, stop, wear out, dishonor, erupt, pause, traumatize, break off, give, spite, shock, check, collapse, aggravate, chagrin, interrupt, break out, profane, exasperate, traumatise, infract, go against, fracture, buck, soften, get around, kick downstairs, smash, appall, horrify, fail, alarm, give way, fall apart, discover, separate, let on, turn off, scandalize, sin, snap off, transgress, damp, bust, spoil, despoil, let out.

Usage examples: