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Definition of officer:

  1. One who holds an office; a person lawfully invested with an office, whether civil, military, or ecclesiastical; as, a church officer; a police officer; a staff officer.
  2. Specifically, a commissioned officer, in distinction from a warrant officer.
  3. To command as an officer; as, veterans from old regiments officered the recruits.
  4. To furnish with officers; to appoint officers over.


aide-de-camp, lawman, policewoman, officeholder, businesswoman, ambassador, C.O., finest, functionary, bobby, brigadier, patrolman, copper, cadet, adjutant, police, brigadier-general, sheriff, businessman, cop, chief of police, businessperson, agent, chief of staff, deputy, peeler, account executive, man, flatfoot, peace officer, shamus, commissioner, Cdr., gendarme, heat, exec, patrolwoman, military officer, administrant, incumbent, bluecoat, public servant, ship's officer, constable, fuzz, Col., policeman, over, capitalist, law, colonel, police officer, bull.

Usage examples: