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Definition of oh:

  1. An exclamation expressing various emotions, according to the tone and manner, especially surprise, pain, sorrow, anxiety, or a wish. See the Note under O.


aah, I see, AL, what about...?, o, for crying out loud, absolutely, say, as far as I know/can remember/can see/can tell, buckeye state, aught, no, there I was/we were, give me a break, gotcha, to make/cut a long story short, to be continued, goose egg, exactly, now, OK, hell, hey, well, AK, for heaven's sake/sakes, wow, I see/take your point, Alas., Ohio, Ariz., I'm sorry, Ala., and, what's that supposed to mean?, give me strength, you know, naught, darn, cipher, all right, that reminds me, of course, the long and the short of it, for old times' sake, cool, like, precisely, B.C., once upon a time, if my memory serves me (well/right/correctly), for the sake of argument/discussion, nothing, what's the big idea?, ooh, zip, I know what you mean, I know, agreed, okey-dokey, as (far as) I recall, CA, right, come to think of/about it, for pity's sake, AR, for openers, Ark., now that you mention it, good/oh Lord, if you like, on the tip of your tongue, nil, great, yes, it all began, zilch, with that, someone does something, AZ, brother.

Usage examples:

  • Oh, I am no more!

    - "The Seven Plays in English Verse", Sophocles.
  • Oh, I did not know that.

    - "The Northern Light", E. Werner.
  • I- I- Oh, I can't let you do it!

    - "The Hollow of Her Hand", George Barr McCutcheon.