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Definition of oily:

  1. Consisting of oil; containing oil; having the nature or qualities of oil; unctuous; oleaginous; as, oily matter or substance.
  2. Covered with oil; greasy; hence, resembling oil; as, an oily appearance.
  3. Smoothly subservient; supple; compliant; plausible; insinuating.


soothing, dried, fulsome, foamy, simpering, gushing, greasy, polished, glazed, brilliant, mannered, insinuating, furry, cobbled, honest, glib, gilt, hagiographic, rough, lardy, dull, acrylic, gold-plated, dry, affected, elastic, grass, rich, bone, glass, waxy, proper, frank, compliant, bland, creamy, candid, gushy, adulatory, unctuous, sebaceous, suave, all sweetness and light, shining, soiled, oleaginous, gleaming, alabaster, ingratiating, armor-plated, sleek, coated, gilded, cardboard, glistening, insincere, acrylic, earthen, gift-wrapped, fatty, obsequious, supple, concrete, buttery, dirty, attitude, flattering, brusque, frothy, lustrous, fat, smooth-tongued, smarmy, horny, unclean.

Usage examples: