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Definition of old fashioned:

  1. Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; adhering to old customs or ideas; as, an old- fashioned dress, girl.


dated, outmoded, musty, time-honored, unused, passe, demode, amusing, Neanderthal, Victorian, old-hat, antiquated, antique, moss-grown, of the old school, primitive, unstylish, antediluvian, mossy, olden, out, out of it, vintage, extinct, Model-T, out of fashion, obsolete, fusty, odd, neglected, moss-backed, unaccepted, quaint, out of fashion, of the old times, fossilized, antique, unstylish, of great age, old-time, past, outworn, passee, exploded, demode, out of the swim, unfashionable, pass, unfashionable, not modern, not current, demoded, gone out, obsolescent, out-of-date, traditional, grown old, outmoded, superannuated, oldfangled, passee, no longer prevailing, outdated, passe, bygone, disapproved, gone by, old-hat, dowdy, old, new, archaic, disused, ancient, behind the times, back number.