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Definition of one:

  1. A single person or thing.
  2. A single unit; as, one is the base of all numbers.
  3. A symbol representing a unit, as 1, or i.
  4. Any person, indefinitely; a person or body; as, what one would have well done, one should do one's self.
  5. Being a single unit, or entire being or thing, and no more; not multifold; single; individual.
  6. Closely bound together; undivided; united; constituting a whole.
  7. Denoting a person or thing conceived or spoken of indefinitely; a certain. I am the sister of one Claudio [ Shak.], that is, of a certain man named Claudio.
  8. Pointing out a contrast, or denoting a particular thing or person different from some other specified; - used as a correlative adjective, with or without the.
  9. Single in kind; the same; a common.
  10. Single; inmarried.
  11. To cause to become one; to gather into a single whole; to unite; to assimilite.


oneness, superstar, unrivalled, extraordinary, dram, chaser, iodine, mavin, indefinite, sensation, combined, booze, atomic number 53, eleven, angiotensin converting enzyme, whizz, unique, star, same, genius, one and only, unidentified, sole, peerless, cardinal number, wiz, fifteen, maven, first and last, adept, unitary, whiz, separate, iodin, wizard, unmatchable, aperitif, lone, include, unnamed, eighteen, cardinal, belt, integrity, unity, sui generis, alone, crore, anonymous, particular, alcohol, double, wholeness, only, incomparable, given, hotshot, ane, unspecified, uncomparable, some, fifty, virtuoso, champion, eighty, unmatched, billion, 1, singular, drink, solitary, ace, bingle, nonpareil, i, cup, matchless, cocktail, eight, five, unrivaled, one-off, single.

Usage examples:

  • No one can say that it was.

    - "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3", Henry Hunt.
  • But this one is too long.

    - "An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in which from Settled Principles is Rendered the Grounds for Choosing and Rejecting Epigrams", Pierre Nicole.
  • Not one on 'em!

    - "God's Good Man", Marie Corelli.