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Definition of onslaught:

  1. A bloody fray or battle.
  2. An attack; an onset; esp., a furious or murderous attack or assault.


gush, flush, battery, onrush, swoop, outflow, encroachment, barrage, fountain, salvo, cornucopia, trespass, coup de main, onset, approach, fire, spring, barrage fire, infringement, counterattack, discharge, attack, bonanza, oncoming, blitz, cascade, tanning, rush, shelling, flak, natural spring, incursion, deluge, concentration, attempt, blizzard, pounding, complex, plan of attack, overflow, offensive, blast, run, flack, flood, blitzkrieg, bombing, feast, avalanche, assailment, tone-beginning, descent, outpouring, intrusion.

Usage examples: