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Definition of open up:

Synonyms for open up:

manifest, strain, play both ends (against the middle), spread, load, aim, denationalize, unfold, catch, cover, force, cock, put through, attend, give away, argue, deindustrialize, anaesthetize, decentralize, shape, afford, decentralise, permit, bend, curl, offer, fire, catheterize, pioneer, set against, unlock, straighten, debate, surrender, talk, show, clear the air, undo, centralise, help along, try, spread out, deform, bring back, anesthetize, devolve, develop, work, pry, display, twist, talk through, bypass, democratise, canvass, give, render, come between, discharge, let, fight, allow, express yourself, initiate, unscrew, ignite, consider, cauterize, voice, centralize, make no secret of something, bandage, drive a wedge between, form, lubricate, consult, divide, discuss, carry, crack something open, bleed, democratize, encourage, fire off, let off, qualify, reshape, tear apart, burst open, negotiate, open.