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Definition of openhanded:

Synonyms for openhanded:

fulsome, braggy, gravid, liberal, grownup, braggart, tolerant, vainglorious, cock-a-hoop, bad, bounteous, unsparing, munificent, large, swelled, adult, prominent, expectant, fully grown, magnanimous, open, loose, unstinting, bragging, self-aggrandizing, free, large-minded, unselfish, freehearted, grown, heavy, well-favoured, plentiful, great, full-grown, handsome, crowing, self-aggrandising, well-favored, give, freehand, boastful, bighearted, lavish, better-looking, big, freehanded, giving, broad, fine-looking, bountiful, with child, good-looking, generous, enceinte.

Usage examples: