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Definition of opine:

  1. To have an opinion; to judge; to think; to suppose.


gauge, calculate, pretend, air, deem, call back, approximate, cypher, quetch, express, comment, formulate, allow, plain, speculate, speak up, cerebrate, editorialize, presuppose, view, work out, animadvert, state, intend, mean, bet, say, hold, see, recall, note, be of the opinion, suppose, complain, strike up, judge, cipher, count on, speak out, venture, sound off, reckon, call up, infer, cogitate, guess, cerebrate, remark, count, remember, regard, hazard, kvetch, retrieve, imagine, articulate, look, compute, think, weigh in, conjecture, recollect, pronounce on, conceive of, forecast, hypothecate, kick, believe, hypothesize, theorise, opinion, envisage, hypothesise, depend, figure, estimate.

Usage examples: