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Definition of opium:

  1. The inspissated juice of the Papaver somniferum, or white poppy.


hydrocotarnine, observation, codeine, oxydimorphine, coke, protopine, laudanosine, metopon, thebaine, narceine, legalism, controlled substance, soporific, obedience, observance, diacetylmorphine, give-and-take, chandu, rheadine, angel dust, hydromorphone, lanthopine, integrity, compliance, paramorphine, laudanine, narcotine, oxynarcotine, papaverine, Class A drug, acid, complaisance, deuteropine, laudanidine, cryptopine, anabolic steroid, paregoric, diamorphine, adherence, cooperation, dope, laudanum, gnoscopine, charlie.

Usage examples: