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Definition of oracle:

  1. A wise sentence or decision of great authority.
  2. Any person reputed uncommonly wise; one whose decisions are regarded as of great authority; as, a literary oracle.
  3. Hence: The deity who was supposed to give the answer; also, the place where it was given.
  4. One who communicates a divine command; an angel; a prophet.
  5. The answer of a god, or some person reputed to be a god, to an inquiry respecting some affair or future event, as the success of an enterprise or battle.
  6. The communications, revelations, or messages delivered by God to the prophets; also, the entire sacred Scriptures - usually in the plural.
  7. The sanctuary, or Most Holy place in the temple; also, the temple itself.
  8. To utter oracles.


circus, Dutch uncle, vaticinator, the I Ching, fetish, fortuneteller, broomstick, adviser, canon, classically, charm, archaic, edict, advisor, archeological, soothsaying, back seat driver, divination, vaticination, Anglo-Saxon, elder, ancient, seer, classical, careline, career coach, council, basilica, Cassandra, prophet, crystal ball, antiquity, archaeological, the cards, horseshoe, law, arcana, amulet, illusionist, counselor, prophesier, commandment, elixir, foresight, visionary, consultant.

Usage examples: