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Definition of origin:

  1. That from which anything primarily proceeds; the fountain; the spring; the cause; the occasion.
  2. The first existence or beginning of anything; the birth.
  3. The point of attachment or end of a muscle which is fixed during contraction; - in contradistinction to insertion.


job, ascendant, argumentation, showtime, etymology, antecedent, parenthood, outbreak, starting time, parent, fount, bank line, foundation, rakehell, telephone circuit, channel, origination, caudex, parentage, reference, dividing line, source, profligate, solution, transmission line, entrance, informant, line of reasoning, subscriber line, crinkle, breed, stock, linage, starting, arising, gillyflower, logical argument, course, roue, broth, demarcation, ingress, filiation, outcome, issue, blood line, birthplace, root system, downslope, line, note, fountain, first, farm animal, shoot, twig, rail line, livestock, bloodline, radical, reservoir, nascence, rip, outset, business, tune, forge, author, neckcloth, etymon, credit line, simple eye, root word, close, invention, fall, door, inventory, get-go, product line, telephone line, beginning, communication channel, kickoff, melodic phrase, rootstock, railway line, seed, personal credit line, blood, descent, pipeline, occupation, inlet, innovation, lineage, declension, etymon, base, stock certificate, theme, mother, melodic line, line of descent, extraction, gunstock, assembly line, instauration, well, contrast, declivity, line of products, tooth root, onset, line of merchandise, rise, wrinkle, provenance, furrow, line of work, ascendent, root, offset, short letter, line of credit, decline, personal line of credit, sapling, result, rake, kin, strain, store, precede, production line, air, line of business, opening, fountainhead, cable, entry, germ, founding, phone line, argument, stemma, rootage, portal, initiation, ancestor, genealogy, seam, billet, declination, crease, generator, melody, inception, family, end, business line, fund, ancestry, pedigree, institution, ocellus, agate line, provenience, womb, ascent.

Usage examples: