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Definition of originate:

  1. To give an origin or beginning to; to cause to be; to bring into existence; to produce as new.
  2. To take first existence; to have origin or beginning; to begin to exist or act; as, the scheme originated with the governor and council.


maturate, farm, hail, found, jump, break, bulge out, train, proceed, lead off, startle, spring up, protrude, educate, rise up, climb up, spawn, set off, bristle, pop out, come up, heighten, depart, turn out, establish, parent, pioneer, take up, get going, arise, bug out, recrudesce, embark on, part, breed, pop, ascend, build up, start, start up, wax, explicate, prove, procreate, constitute, rise, turn, flow, emanate, grow, initiate, broach, go, modernise, surface, resurrect, come out, rear, develop, set about, get, set forth, derive, bob up, raise, start out, get up, take off, set out, acquire, go up, mature, upspring, rebel, issue, climb, sire, organize, mount, uprise, beget, modernize, launch, get down, move up, evolve, lift, lead up, set up, come, appear, make grow, bulge, stand up.

Usage examples: