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Definition of origination:

  1. Mode of production, or bringing into being.
  2. The act or process of bringing or coming into existence; first production.


insertion, lineage, extraction, blood, substructure, mental hospital, creation, understructure, first appearance, origin, presentation, design, world, stock, line of descent, stemma, opening, entry, inception, incipiency, beginning, knowledgeability, asylum, founding, existence, leadoff, grounding, introduction, intromission, foundation, line, knowledgeableness, mental institution, bloodline, launching, blood line, launch, incipience, foundation garment, parentage, organization, start-up, inauguration, rootage, pedigree, kickoff, groundwork, institution, insane asylum, foot, mental home, creative activity, debut, commencement, unveiling, fundament, trigger, start, base, constitution, instauration, induction, macrocosm, ancestry, cornerstone, installation, initiation, innovation, intro, excogitation, psychiatric hospital, universe, cosmos, descent.

Usage examples: