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Definition of ornament:

  1. That which embellishes or adorns; that which adds grace or beauty; embellishment; decoration; adornment.
  2. To adorn; to deck; to embellish; to beautify; as, to ornament a room, or a city.


medal, dress, garniture, dramatize, garnishment, make over, embellisher, pad, invest, incentive, decoration, benefit, ribbon, beautification, merit, transform, border, enhance, palm, clothe, gussy up, beautiful, beautifier, lard, illustrate, detailing, embellish, doodad, illuminate, dramatise, patterning, advantage, aggrandise, overlay, good, grace, setoff, edge, adorn, virtue, beautify, decorate, decor, aggrandize, laurel wreath, embroider, embellishment, privilege, fancify, trump card, deck, caparison, medallion, asset, blow up, ornamentation.

Usage examples: