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Definition of orthodox:

  1. According or congruous with the doctrines of Scripture, the creed of a church, the decree of a council, or the like; as, an orthodox opinion, book, etc.
  2. Approved; conventional.
  3. Sound in opinion or doctrine, especially in religious doctrine; hence, holding the Christian faith; believing the doctrines taught in the Scriptures; - opposed to heretical and heterodox; as, an orthodox Christian.


sanctioned, straight, established, traditionalist, jewish-orthodox, button-down, conforming, agree, Eastern Orthodox, conservative, canonic, time-honored, conformist, conventional, traditionalistic, right, traditional, right-winger, square, conservative, received, keep, establishmentarian, canonical, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, right-wing, rightist, recognized, accept, Tory.

Usage examples: