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Definition of ostentation:

  1. A show or spectacle.
  2. The act of ostentating or of making an ambitious display; unnecessary show; pretentious parade; - usually in a detractive sense.


flash bulb, rising prices, flash lamp, boast, tucket, vaunting, blink of an eye, photoflash, lump, twinkling, brag, wink, flash, pageant, instant, diffidence, pomposity, reserve, puffiness, braggadocio, spectacle, pretending, jiffy, ostentatiousness, newsflash, fanfare, pompousness, split second, vaunt, swelling, largeness, display, flashing, splashiness, array, plain, magnificence, grandioseness, flashbulb, flare, heartbeat, flashgun, boasting, swagger, quiet, trice, pretentiousness, news bulletin, newsbreak, inflation.

Usage examples: