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Definition of oust:

  1. See Oast.
  2. To eject; to turn out.
  3. To take away; to remove.


rout, cast out, buck off, defect, foment, chase, boot, expropriate, bundle off, bounce, dismiss, bump, advance, unthrone, give the gate, throw out, discard, extrude, bounce, send to Coventry, study at eject, wash out, show someone the door, toss out, unmake, cast away, dispossess, chuck, distrain, chase out, unseat, destabilize, agitate, displace, pack off, turf, discharge, exhaust, force out, send packing, kick out, expel, chuck out, toss away, dislodge, boot out, defrock, send packing, drum, dethrone, deprive, rout out, turn out, disinherit, drum out, demonstrate, uncrown, dispose, bring down, show the door, drive out, depose, keep, divest, release, run off, turf out, cast aside, toss, sack, give someone the boot, fling, throw away, extrude, put away, out.

Usage examples: