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Definition of outfit:

  1. A fitting out, or equipment, as of a ship for a voyage, or of a person for an expedition in an unoccupied region or residence in a foreign land; things required for equipment; the expense of, or allowance made for, equipment, as by the government of the United States to a diplomatic agent going abroad.


rigging, guise, conform to, tog, trailer truck, habiliment, fishing tackle, swindle, outlay, material, outturn, gear, match, fishing rig, habilitate, apparatus, widening, house, equipage, accouterment, semi, railroad siding, corporation, turn out, turnout, fishing gear, gibe, go, kit, jibe, equipment, tackle, enclothe, carriage, business, cheat, agree, equip, paraphernalia, check, materiel, rig, put on, tally, enterprise, siding, trucking rig, articulated lorry, gear, fit out, means, equipment, getup, output, correspond, concern, accommodate, give, firm, thing, establishment, fit, meet, tractor trailer, appoint, sidetrack.

Usage examples: