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Definition of outgo:

  1. That which goes out, or is paid out; outlay; expenditure; - the opposite of income.
  2. To circumvent; to overreach.
  3. To go beyond; to exceed in swiftness; to surpass; to outdo.


going, departing, leave-taking, surmount, outdistance, decamping, stand out, top, disbursement, charge, exceed, losses, loss, outperform, spending, best, quitting, exiting, go past, parting, pass, overstep, reduction, decampment, scoop, expense, overcome, subdue, get over, master, outflank, travel by, pass by, lighting out, go by, outstrip, distance, scale, transcend, surpass, farewell, cost, walking out, expenses, consumption, using up, outdo, outmatch, disbursal, expending, expenditure, trump, leave, outlay, excel.

Usage examples: