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Definition of outing:

  1. A feast given by an apprentice when he is out of his time.
  2. The act of going out; an airing; an excursion; as, a summer outing.


airing, dispatch, vacation, commute, field day, despatch, GLBT, bye, expeditiousness, chasse, contest, exploration, day trip, junket, gay, breeze, closeted, piece of cake, walkover, sashay, bi, pleasure trip, flight, digression, fag hag, sally, picnic, heterosexual, sortie, expedition, jaunt, challenge, bisexual, excursion, spin, circuit, hostile expedition, come out, card, crossing, snap, cinch, close season, cruise, child's play, clash, Cup, the Commonwealth Games, duck soup, pushover, crown, championship, drive, move, military expedition.

Usage examples: