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Definition of outlet:

  1. The place or opening by which anything is let out; a passage out; an exit; a vent.
  2. To let out; to emit.


spillage, press release, event, topic, tear, blowhole, expiration, issue, return, take, break, boutique, vent-hole, takings, way out, opening, waiver, consequence, mercantile establishment, sacking, tone ending, liberation, electric receptacle, proceeds, plug, publication, electrical outlet, spill, number, result, sales outlet, hole, open, aperture, military issue, payoff, terminal, button, acquittance, issuing, going, shop, wall plug, release, handout, freeing, yield, matter, orifice, subject, retail store, dismissal, volcano, offspring, electric outlet, firing, loss, progeny, venthole, emergence, crack, store, passing, discharge, dismission, wall socket, mouth, socket, upshot, exit, effect, emporium, government issue, sack, issuance.

Usage examples: