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Definition of outstanding:

  1. That stands out; undischarged; uncollected; not paid; as, outstanding obligations.


swell, awesome, dandy, owing, salient, better, heavy, major, unsettled, observable, slap-up, noticeable, nifty, groovy, majuscule, eye-catching, superior, uncommon, expectant, bold, with child, smashing, rare, pay, striking, gravid, keen, large, study at noticeable, neat, payable, obvious, enceinte, capital, out of sight, corking, big, undischarged, see, cracking, pointed, arresting, magnificent, owed, singular, great, spectacular, bully, receivable, distinguished, pronounced, marked, leading, peachy, dramatic, preeminent, bang-up, due, towering, signal, standout, unpaid, not bad, prominent, usual, conspicuous.

Usage examples: