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Definition of overcharge:

  1. An excessive charge in an account.
  2. An excessive load or burden.
  3. To charge excessively; to charge beyond a fair rate or price.
  4. To charge or load too heavily; to burden; to oppress; to cloy.
  5. To exaggerate; as, to overcharge a description.
  6. To fill too full; to crowd.
  7. To make excessive charges.


snitch, tweak, surcharge, overload, overfill, cheat, alternating current, roll, snarf, displume, primp, solicit, rob, scalp, brownout, dowse, soak, pawn, congratulate, rip off, pilfer, hock, active, inebriate, knock off, diddle, serve, plume, sting, hook, nick, increase, swipe, purloin, charge to excess, snare, lay it on, lift, AC, sop, gazump, arc, intoxicate, drench, souse, deplumate, glom, blackout, exaggerate, cabbage, overstate, abstract, tear, hustle, deplume, clip, strain, filch, deceive, hit it up, shear, skin, dress, charge, crochet, honest, inflate, pinch, pride, preen, pull, cull, accost, wait on, pluck, undercharge, clog, arc light, plunk, fleece, sneak, pick, cop, overburden, ring up, gouge, magnify, clerk, addict, thieve, pull off, imbue, pick off, nobble, hyperbolize, douse.

Usage examples: