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Definition of overdue:

  1. Due and more than due; delayed beyond the proper time of arrival or payment, etc.; as, an overdue vessel; an overdue note.


stiff, unmerciful, not a moment too soon, be out of time, compensatory, carrel, neglectful, archive, immoderate, archivist, baroque, arrive, overmuch, towering, fancy, PPC, last-minute, insane, inordinate, antenatal, nonrefundable, paid-up, anti-choice, the afterbirth, clear, due, overextravagant, time, baby shower, unconscionable, delinquent, art gallery, audience, ex gratia, accession, belatedly, baby blues, unsettled, running late, derelict, bear, unpaid, birth, lavish, cashless, remiss, devilish, payable, plethoric, annals, exorbitant, card catalog, extravagant, bookmobile, behind, past, amniocentesis, behindhand, overweening, extreme, undue, steep, intolerable, owing, at the last moment/minute, amniotic fluid, flat, hourly, latish, owed.

Usage examples: