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Definition of overindulge:

Synonyms for overindulge:

gormandise, fun-loving, flood, satiate, choke up, replete, squeeze, scarf out, weakness, overindulgence, ingurgitate, coddle, baby, do well by someone, cosset, englut, shove, gourmandize, farce, wait on someone hand and foot, decadence, epicurean, self-indulgence, sate, mollycoddle, engorge, lug, block, sybaritic, indulge, overeat, cater, for fun, extravagance, pamper, fuss over, pig out, oversupply, cherish, treat well, roll out the red carpet for someone, glut, thrust, fill, binge, spoil, indulgence, gorge, gormandize, overgorge, stuff.