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Definition of overlap:

  1. An extension of geological beds above and beyond others, as in a conformable series of beds, when the upper beds extend over a wider space than the lower, either in one or in all directions.
  2. The lapping of one thing over another; as, an overlap of six inches; an overlap of a slate on a roof.
  3. To lap over; to lap.


lap, overhang, carrefour, circuit, lap covering, converging, equilibrium, block, match, projection, flap, crossing, backlog, convergency, affinity, coincide, common denominator, bear/stand comparison (with), join, coincidence, allocation, interconnect, interface, go with, flank, touch, capacity, balance, intersect, addition, intersection point, approximate, crossroad, go together, allowance, accord with, imbrication, interlock, go hand in hand, accompany, parallelism, product, correspond, circle, accumulation, lapping, parallel, amount, overlay, intersection, synchronize, clash, arithmetic, come with, resemblance, lick, amount to, point of intersection, similarity, batch, have something in common (with something), convergence, adjoin, crossway, surround.

Usage examples: