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Definition of overtake:

  1. Hence, figuratively, in the past participle ( overtaken), drunken.
  2. To come up with in a course, pursuit, progress, or motion; to catch up with.
  3. To come upon from behind; to discover; to surprise; to capture; to overcome.


fall out, occur, put across, discover, hand, give-up the ghost, authorise, catch up with, grab, top, arrest, eliminate, clutch, capture, fall, return, go, hap, take place, make pass, snuff it, expire, clear, go across, go along, subdue, ensnare, sweep over, communicate, whelm, entrap, apprehend, pass on, blow over, choke, go by, get over, give, turn over, modernize, exit, happen, die, enamour, upon), grasp, have the best, fleet, becharm, flood out, beguile, surmount, get the better of, extend, fade, drop dead, clasp, master, come about, pass by, guide, perish, pass off, overhear, make it, lapse, fascinate, modernise, elapse, catch up, charm, pass away, see, comprehend, overpower, pass, slide by, view, sink, pick up, go on, trip up, reach, secure, glide by, overmaster, get, authorize, run, make up, kick the bucket, get to, draw, cash in one's chips, excrete, snatch, approach, hitch, seek, overhaul, overcome, evanesce, seize, devolve, lead, take in, go through, pop off, enamor, travel by, buy the farm, legislate, take hold of, trance, pass along, exceed, enchant, watch, get the best, gripe, lay hold of, slip by, win, slip away, captivate, entrance, overwhelm, croak, grip, go past, conk, egest, take, bewitch, defeat, catch, spend, drown, submerge, deluge, decease.

Usage examples: