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Definition of overturn:

  1. The act off overturning, or the state of being overturned or subverted; overthrow; as, an overturn of parties.
  2. To overpower; to conquer.
  3. To subvert; to destroy; to overthrow.
  4. To turn or throw from a basis, foundation, or position; to overset; as, to overturn a carriage or a building.


plagiarise, boggle, trouble, rustle, plagiarize, revolutionize, arise, override, flip over, reach, pass on, turnover, cut, employee turnover, rise, turn something inside out, uprise, debase, tip over, rear, visit, change by reversal, pinch, countermand, swipe, empty, arraign, pilfer, misdirect, revolutionise, let down, affirm, nobble, turn over, tump over, snarf, roll, face-lift, horizontal, go up, cut back, rescind, unhorse, purloin, vacate, revoke, overrule, counteract, filch, lift, cut down, disturb, ruin, inflict, deprave, raise, take down, deliberate, abandon, profane, discompose, derangement, countermine, angle, debate, move, tip up, turn back, adjust, sneak, discomfit, hand, come up, bring, get up, sabotage, hoist, abstract, untune, impose, move up, allow, delve, lower, corrupt, cite, spin, pass, flip, moot, swage, raze, elevate, study at upset, weaken, vitiate, disconcert, trim down, cabbage, call, land, destroy, flabbergast, wind, undermine, avoid, trim, reduce, get down, knock over, pervert, void, appear, bring down, appeal, bring up, claim, quash, consider, reverse, bowl over, overthrow, repeal, perturbation, demoralize, inspire, hook, give, turn, resign, tumble, disorder, trim back, upset, turnover rate, demolish, give up, dollar volume, bring before, demoralise, topple, put down, subvert, help, cut into, airlift, annul, disturbance, debauch, dig, tilt.

Usage examples: