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Definition of overweight:

  1. Overweighing; excessive.
  2. Superabundance of weight; preponderance.
  3. Weight over and above what is required by law or custom.


replete, lowering, expectant, sonorous, density, backbreaking, full, ample, ponderous, rotund, corpulent, overblown, stalwartness, round, stoutness, nett, toilsome, blubbery, buxom, pudgy, sarcoid, impenetrable, weighed down, lumbering, fatty, plump, weighty, punishing, laboured, podgy, fat, dead weight, net, lightweight, laborious, leaden, light, big, arduous, hard, great, portly, fleshy, adiposis, grueling, gravid, tubby, labored, obese, roly-poly, corpulence, clayey, threatening, lardy, wakeless, grave, intemperate, operose, sullen, enceinte, counterweight, stout, large, chubby, cloggy, heavy, load, gross, sound, with child, dense, porcine, grievous, profound, gruelling.

Usage examples: