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Definition of owl:

  1. A variety of the domestic pigeon.
  2. Any species of raptorial birds of the family Strigidae. They have large eyes and ears, and a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye. They are mostly nocturnal in their habits.
  3. Hence, to carry on any contraband trade.
  4. To carry wool or sheep out of England.
  5. To pry about; to prowl.


short-eared, barn, motor horn, long-eared, Chinese hawk owl, great gray, boobook, nozzle, snoot, snowy, budgerigar, satinette, barred, schnoz, saw-whet, tawny, schnozzle, spotted, turbit, nocturnal bird, bird of paradise, night bird, horn, snow, bird of minerva, snout, African, screech, Bubo, honker, budgie, owl pigeon, pigmy, hissing, great horned, bird of prey, bobwhite, bluejay, automobile horn, bantam, beak, bird of night, burrowing, Strix, car horn, hooter.

Usage examples: