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Definition of paid:

  1. of Pay
  2. Receiving pay; compensated; hired; as, a paid attorney.
  3. Satisfied; contented.


stipendiary, auxiliary, deputy, compensated, commemorative, postpaid, remunerative, earnings-related, designate, face-saving, cashed, bled, overpay, bought, pay, overpaid, paying, gross, gainful, post-free, nonrecreational, breastfed, paid-up, bound, acting, square, prepaid, attempted, creative, beheld, low-paid, amateur, professional, limp, begot, bent, compensable, remunerated, besought, blest, babysat, freelance, budding, emeritus, salaried, per diem, maiden, hostile, net, hourly, reply-paid, profitable, desperate, casual, lame, mercenary, blue-collar, lamely.

Usage examples: