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Definition of pall:

  1. A figure resembling the Roman Catholic pallium, or pall, and having the form of the letter Y.
  2. A kind of rich stuff used for garments in the Middle Ages.
  3. A large cloth, esp., a heavy black cloth, thrown over a coffin at a funeral; sometimes, also, over a tomb.
  4. A piece of cardboard, covered with linen and embroidered on one side; - used to put over the chalice.
  5. An outer garment; a cloak mantle.
  6. Nausea.
  7. Same as Pallium.
  8. Same as Pawl.
  9. To become vapid, tasteless, dull, or insipid; to lose strength, life, spirit, or taste; as, the liquor palls.
  10. To cloak.
  11. To make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull; to weaken.
  12. To satiate; to cloy; as, to pall the appetite.


mantlepiece, dash, break, conk out, bore, cloud, jade, damp, cloy, cirrostratus, choke, shoot, coffin, exit, cape, robe, conk, gorge, tack, leave someone cold, snuff it, engorge, perish, exhaust, dampen, numb, winding-clothes, tire, fag out, cover-up, go bad, bury, drop dead, pallium, iciness, cumulus, mantle, make (for) interesting/tedious etc. reading, frighten, crash, buy the farm, outwear, tire out, kick the bucket, blanket, fright, dull, pass, billow, mainsheet, wear out, veil, burial, give out, cumulonimbus, become flat, give-up the ghost, cremate, wear down, daunt, cloth, thrill, cloudy, scoot, covering, cover, coverture, frisson, sarcophagus, quiver, hood, blunt, frighten off, scare, weary, darkness, decease, tingle, wear upon, bier, shiver, wear, mask, dart, drape, cirrus, curtain, fatigue, affright, surfeit, drapery, pop off, break down, penumbra, chimneypiece, excess, column, benumb, box, play out, croak, give way, pass away, cerement, scare away, cortege, sate, mute, gelidity, mantel, frighten away, expire, chill, cash in one's chips, ashes, glut, muffle, go, run down, stultify, mantelpiece, shudder, winding-sheet, smash, satiate, flash, casket, scud, sheet, shroud, cirrocumulus, sap, full, fail, die, cope, wraps, turn off, die out, scare off, tone down, bank, cremains, weather sheet, shadow, demotivate, shivering.

Usage examples: