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Definition of pamper:

  1. To feed to the full; to feed luxuriously; to glut; as, to pamper the body or the appetite.
  2. To gratify inordinately; to indulge to excess; as, to pamper pride; to pamper the imagination.


fondle, bilk, pander, luxuriate, bollocks up, kiss, bollix up, rape, caress, fuss over, coddle, wet-nurse, cater to, bungle, muff, frustrate, dandle, impair, overindulge, mishandle, botch up, louse up, featherbed, yield to, wait on someone hand and foot, do well by someone, botch, itch, bobble, muck up, fluff, baffle, cross, gratify, scotch, mar, spoil, deflower, overindulge, cosset, blow, thwart, cater, screw up, indulge, violate, study at indulge, overindulgence, corrupt, ball up, cocker, treat well, go bad, foil, humor, mollycoddle, vitiate, bumble, bollocks, pet, flub, please, bodge, foul up, fumble, dote on, roll out the red carpet for someone, bollix, court, mess up, flatter, embrace, cherish, nurse, despoil, satisfy, plunder, baby.

Usage examples: