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Definition of panel:

  1. A board having its edges inserted in the groove of a surrounding frame; as, the panel of a door.
  2. A heap of dressed ore.
  3. A piece of parchment or a schedule, containing the names of persons summoned as jurors by the sheriff; hence, more generally, the whole jury.
  4. A plain strip or band, as of velvet or plush, placed at intervals lengthwise on the skirt of a dress, for ornament.
  5. A portion of a framed structure between adjacent posts or struts, as in a bridge truss.
  6. A prisoner arraigned for trial at the bar of a criminal court.
  7. A segment of an aeroplane wing. In a biplane the outer panel extends from the wing tip to the next row of posts, and is trussed by oblique stay wires.
  8. A slab or plank of wood upon which, instead of canvas, a picture is painted.
  9. A sunken compartment with raised margins, molded or otherwise, as in ceilings, wainscotings, etc.
  10. Formerly, a piece of cloth serving as a saddle; hence, a soft pad beneath a saddletree to prevent chafing.
  11. One of the districts divided by pillars of extra size, into which a mine is laid off in one system of extracting coal.
  12. One of the faces of a hewn stone.
  13. To form in or with panels; as, to panel a wainscot.


circuit board, circuit card, impanel, gameboard, display panel, plank, bloodshed, table, board, venire, tapestry, control board, display board, jury, control panel, gore, ornament, dining table, dialog box, instrument panel, decoration, hanging, tablet, empanel, add-in, plug-in, card.

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