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Definition of parachute:

  1. A contrivance somewhat in the form of an umbrella, by means of which a descent may be made from a balloon, or any eminence.
  2. A web or fold of skin which extends between the legs of certain mammals, as the flying squirrels, colugo, and phalangister.


jump out, bailer, jump-start, bound, seat pack parachute, chute, alternate, start, slide, silk, base jumping, sky dive, jump off, stand out, rise, send, pack off, bale out, stick out, bungee jumping, ballooning, bail out, skip, farm out, spring, bundle off, post, brolly, umbrella, harness and pack, skip over, derail, leap out, relocate, route, gliding, ship, free fall, jumpstart, jump, pass over, leap, climb up, drop, cliff jumping, lap pack parachute, startle, slideway, sloping trough, dispatch.

Usage examples: