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Definition of paragon:

  1. A companion; a match; an equal.
  2. A model or pattern; a pattern of excellence or perfection; as, a paragon of beauty or eloquence.
  3. A size of type between great primer and double pica. See the Note under Type.
  4. Emulation; rivalry; competition.
  5. To be equal; to hold comparison.
  6. To compare with; to equal; to rival.
  7. To compare; to parallel; to put in rivalry or emulation with.
  8. To serve as a model for; to surpass.


matinee idol, perfection, flawlessness, paradigm, best, nonpareil, holy person, god, nonesuch, deification, ideal, sublimation, beau ideal, exaltation, phoenix, saint, idol, good, apotheosis, holy man, graven image, nonsuch, ne plus ultra.

Usage examples: