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Definition of paralyze:

  1. Fig.: To unnerve; to destroy or impair the energy of; to render ineffective; as, the occurrence paralyzed the community; despondency paralyzed his efforts.
  2. To affect or strike with paralysis or palsy.


alarm, startle, cut, panic, unman, burn, knock out, kill, emasculate, make inert, terrify, injure, wound, paralyse, help, numb, shut off, squeeze out, break, render nerveless, affect, kill off, frighten, immobilize, petrify, suppress, intimidate, stamp out, hold back, undo, wither, bruise, strain, chill, demoralize, unstring, shake up, cut into, interfere with, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, harm, scare.

Usage examples: