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Definition of parlor:

  1. A room for business or social conversation, for the reception of guests, etc.
  2. Commonly, in the United States, a drawing- room, or the room where visitors are received and entertained.
  3. In large private houses, a sitting room for the family and for familiar guests, -- a room for less formal uses than the drawing- room. Esp., in modern times, the dining room of a house having few apartments, as a London house, where the dining parlor is usually on the ground floor.
  4. The apartment in a monastery or nunnery where the inmates are permitted to meet and converse with each other, or with visitors and friends from without.


parlour, stockroom, waiting room, chamber, living room, council chamber, drawing room, walk-up, room, den, establishment, boardroom, guest room, reception room, closet, bedchamber, sitting room, conservatory, office, attic, atelier, bath, courtroom, joint, livingroom, front room, bedroom, boudoir, workroom, typing pool, bower.

Usage examples: